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Privacy Policy

Here we introduce you with the privacy policies and other terms and conditions being implemented while serving the world with trademark registration services. Here you will find all types of IPR services ranging from trademark, patent, copyright and many more related to company registration, business registration, tax registration and matters related to corporate legal services. As all these services are subjected to reap all kinds of legal benefits that needs special safety and security while dealing with outside world.

Thus, here we mentioned some major aspects of privacy policy of Here we commit not to share any of the client's business information and other stored data with outside world. We always assure our clients to be felt in safe hands while dealing with safe and secure services under the complete amiable environment. All the information stated to the varied clients is not being shared with any of the third party. This not allowed us to share any type of client's business reports or any other business data with any of the other client. We strictly follow all the policies and acts in respect of privacy policy.

Here below we mention some of the major points that we concerned under privacy policy:
  • We are not allowed us to share any of the client's stored data.
  • We are not allowed our team to share any of the client's business information to open world.
  • We can use any of the client's business information to promote our own internal section.
  • We also use the same stored data to resolve the third party legal matters.
  • We use the stored the email addresses of the client to contact them on the specific issues.
  • We always update our subscribers with new updations and amendation in terms and conditions of privacy policy.
  • We can change these policies any time where we will send the respective notifications to all of our subscribers and other legal clients.