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Patent Registration

Patents are considered universally as the lifeblood of the commercial and industrial sectors in every economy. Therefore, patent registration is indeed very delicate and scrupulous task, to be performed by individuals, companies, and industries in these economic sectors, with the help of expert and discerning patent attorneys. These patent registrations can be either national or international based on the nature and scope of the patents, and varying business requirements. Any patent registered with any domestic or national patent office, gets recognition and protection only within the country, against all types of misappropriation, infringements, and misuses of the registered patents. For doing international business, a company in any field or sector, requires its patents for products be properly registered with concerned international patent authorities, in order to acquire international recognition and prominence. Ours well-connected and vastly experienced law firm situated in India provides rigorous and perfect services regarding filing of both national and international patent applications, in countries and jurisdictions worldwide, for the best possible registration of those.

Patent Application Process in India

Ours well-established and popular law firm in India, extends the whole gamut of services regarding patents in all diverse business fields, besides proficient legal services in all other legal areas. Ours internationally reputed patent attorneys have been supporting individuals and entities in almost all commercial and industrial fields in every region of India, during the entire patent application and patent registration processes at national and international levels. In India, patents are registered and protected under the Patents Act of 1970 and the Patents Rules of 1972, and are filed with the patent offices located in the cities of Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. The main and most significant tasks to be done scrupulously during the entire patent application process in India are --- perfect and impeccable finalization of the new invention with the help of a well-informed patent attorney, censorious patent search, drafting patent application as per the prescribed rules and regulations, secured filing of patent application with any of these Indian patent offices, and patent prosecution for best registration briskly.

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