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Company Incorporation

Company is an association of persons with a single purpose to carry out a certain business in order to make profits. Company incorporation refers to the establishment of a company or an organization by meeting all rules and regulations as per the companies act of a country. In India, primarily there are two types of companies are present - one is private limited and other one is public limited company. For private limited company incorporation, at least three persons are required and the maximum limit is 50 as per the rules and regulations. And for a public limited company, minimum seven persons are required and there is no limit for maximum numbers of members. In order to incorporate a certain company, one needs to go for a company registration firm and fulfill certain terms and conditions as per the company registration act. There are lots of legal firms are providing company incorporation services by charging a certain amount of company incorporation cost.

Company Incorporation Services In India

Company incorporation services in India have been tremendously increasing day by day as there are numbers of small and big companies are coming to the Indian soil to start their business operation. India is considered one of the best and emerging countries in the world to start a new business for numerous factors. Therefore, company incorporation services are growing in each and every day by large numbers of company registration firms. Registrar of Companies (RoC) is the governing authority which gives the certificate of incorporation after checking all documents by an applicant.

Trademark registration services are also need of the hour as there are large numbers of new enterprises are coming into the market and they need to register their trademark in order to create a successful brand name. Global Jurix, a well reputed trademark registration firm based out of Delhi has been providing trademark registration services to many more clients since its inception.

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