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NBFC Registration

Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) are changing the rural economy in India especially; those people are not able to get any kind of financial assistance from leading public sector banks. Therefore, NBFC registration is extremely important for all these organizations in order to keep the interests of all depositors and investors. These days, there are numbers non-banking financial institutions are present in all over the India and catering to a huge numbers of people in the remote areas. NBFC registration in India came into existence under the guidelines of RBI in order to give them an authorization to help poor people those are able to enjoy any kind of financial assistance from Government banks or any other leading financial institutions. NBFC registration is only for those organizations whose financial assets are more than its total assets or income. There are all kinds of business organizations including purchase, sale and insurance business comes under this roof.

NBFC Registration Procedure

There are certain rules and regulations for NBFC registration in India and all these rules and regulations are laid down by the RBI. If any any organization or company intended to be registered as Non- Banking Financial Company need to send an application to Reserve Bank of India (RBI) with all previous financial reports. RBI will issue a NBFC registration certificate to the proposed applicant if found suitable after checking all documents. There are numbers of legal firms are providing NBFC registration services with the help of qualified professionals in order to make this a hassle free affair.

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