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Company Registration in India

Brisk and perfect registration for all diverse categories of companies in the desired economic sectors, are punctiliously supported by our expert and well-experienced company attorneys, in India and abroad. Services for the Company Law are among the most significant and vital legal services in any country, and therefore, must be offered dedicatedly and comprehensively. Our globally popular and acclaimed law firm is widely prominent and hugely popular for ours such services, including company registration services worldwide. The entire company registration process in India, is described separately in the section furnished below. Our company registration services are for the broad categories of private limited company, public limited company, sole proprietorship, limited liability partnership, joint venture company, and diverse establishments for foreign companies. These companies can be set up anywhere in all across India, for doing regional or nationwide business in the specified field of commerce, industry, or profession.

Process For Registering a Company in India

The process for registering a company anywhere in India, is quite elegant, refined, and expeditious. The Companies Act, 1956 is responsible for proper creation, registration, governance, and regulation of all types of companies in the entire country. For these purposes, there are established well well-equipped offices of the Registrars of Companies in all major States of India. First of all, approval and reservation of name for the proposed company is to be made, in consent with the concerned Registrar of Companies (ROC), where the main or registered office of the proposed companies is to be opened and activated. After reservation of name for the specified type of planned company, the ROC of the concerned State offers an ample duration of time for preparing and filing the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and the Articles of Association (AOA), along with other prescribed documents. After examination and verification of documents forwarded to ROC, the certificate of incorporation of company is issued. Ours sophisticated attorneys in the company law, additionally provide prompt and scrupulous services regarding all regulatory compliances to be made, in order to register a company in india.

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