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Forwarded are well-rounded and discerning support for patent registration and protection in all domestic or national and international jurisdictions throughout the entire world, by ours well-learned and internationally reputed patent attorneys. Our vigorous and flawless patent services are acclaimed highly in countries all across the world, including India essentially. As patents are regarded as the backbone of any business, we provide such patent services with extreme care and responsibility. Besides serving comprehensively regarding domestic patent registration in individual countries, we render services for international patent registration and protection on behalf of people and entities in these countries. The most prominent of these are - PCT, TRIPS Agreement, the Berne and Paris Convention, and the European Patent Convention. Informed below are ours patent services in india (including patent services online) for both domestic and international patent registration. Along with patents our services are for all other IP, and all other legal practice areas, provided conveniently and economically in locations worldwide.

Online Patent Filing Services in India

Our patent filing services in India are for new inventions in all diverse fields of the commercial, industrial, institutional, and professional sectors of economy. These patent services in india are for both national and international levels. Ours swift and secured patent services online are available promptly from anywhere in the country. For domestic patent registrations in India, established well are zonal patent offices in locations Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai, to cover every part of the country. Based on the jurisdictional areas of these zonal patent offices, patent applications are filed for registrations. These patent applications are drafted and filed in strict compliance with the rules and regulations of the authorities concerned. Apart from the patent filing services, we also additionally offer on request, the services like, patent searches, patent prosecution, patent watch, and patent infringement litigation.

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