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Copyright Registration

Very rewarding and securing is the flawless copyright registration within the jurisdictions concerned. This copyright registration is necessary and advisable for all new and unique creations made by individuals, companies, industries, and institutions in all associated commercial and professional fields. The copyright act in every country protects all such works and creations in its domestic jurisdictions. And, at level international, these are made secured by globally acclaimed conventions like the Berne and Paris Convention, the Universal Copyright Convention, TRIPS Agreement, and the Rome Convention. These copyright registration services are available with all these domestic and international jurisdictions for all types of literary and dramatic works, audio and visual musical recording and collections, photographic works, all artistic creations and works, choreographic and cinematographic creations, and all sculptural works. Ours worldwide distinguished and popular law firm extends perfect and responsible copyright registration services (including copyright registration online) in jurisdictions all around the world, for all these categories of creative works and creations.

Copyright Services in India

Our dedicated and discerning services for copyright registration india, are offered in every region in all across the country, including the use of swift online copyright filing. For prompt and most convenient and economical copyright registrations, there are erected well-equipped zonal copyright offices in every part of the country. All these zonal copyright offices govern and regulate copyright registrations for people and entities coming under their respective jurisdictions, under the Copyright Act, 1957 of the Central Government of India. All the copyright filing india, performed by us are made with the copyright office prescribed depending upon the specified location. Based on the requirement of individual clients, we assist them equally well for their copyright registration under the above-mentioned international conventions. Besides the copyright registration and protection, ours galloping and well-connected law firm provides services for all other intellectual property, and all other areas of the law, in India, and abroad.

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