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Trademark Examination

The Trademark Examination is checking and verifying the fulfillment of diverse requirements demanded by the trademark registration office, for accepting and recognizing any proposed trademark for its proper and flawless registration. For a trademark to be readily accepted by the trademark office for registration, it (trademark) must qualify the trademark examination made by the trademark officials. These trademark examination guidelines devised and released by the trademark office from time to time, aim to make the trademark examination process unified and uniform, standardized, and to facilitate well the reviewing, prosecution, and adjudication of trademarks, proposed or registered. Therefore, proper and mature consideration about the trademark examination, must be performed by the applicant with the well-informed and discerning help of any mellow trademark attorney, to get one's proposed trademark registered with the prescribed trademark offices. Ours well-experienced and internationally acclaimed trademark attorneys provide all requisite services regarding trademark registration and protection in countries all around the whole world, including the task of trademark examination for ready acceptability. More information about the examination guidelines for trademarks belonging to all economic sectors, is given below.

Trademark Examination Guidelines

Today, the most of the trademark examination guidelines adopted and followed by trademark jurisdictions at domestic and international levels are common and standardized, with outstanding endeavor of the World Trade Organization (WTO), through its TRIPS Agreement. The trademark examination guidelines are in connection with - the separation and examination of diverse symbols and marks that cannot be used as trademarks in various fields of commerce and profession, the verification of originality and distinctness of the proposed trademarks, censorious examination of confusingly similar or identical trademarks proposed, examination of two- and three-dimensional trademarks, examination of trademark colors and colored trademarks, examination of certain innovative and special signs, examination of the collective and certification marks, etc. Ours globally distinguished intellectual property law firm based in India, provides superb services for the perfect and best selection of trademarks and scrupulous trademark examination, for trademark registration with any domestic jurisdiction, or any international jurisdiction managed by TRIPS Agreement, Madrid Protocol, Berne and Paris Convention, or the European Community Trademark (CTM).

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